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Welcome to the Black Belt Oral History Heritage Project webpage!  The purpose of the oral history project is to document and preserve the stories of the people who have shaped the Black Belt into the unique cultural region that it is today.  The interviews included on this website have been collected over the 19 county Black Belt region since 2010.  They document residents of the region of various economic, political, educational, vocational and racial backgrounds in order to help those interested in learning more about the region discover the story of the Black Belt from the people who live here.

There are over 275 interview logs on the website.  You may search the site by the name of the interviewee, the county where the interviewee lives, or by the interview number.  There is also a google map that shows the general location of each interviewee and provides a brief keyword description of what was covered in their interview, and that information connects you to their interview number.

There are have been three different interviewers conducting interviews, so there are slight variations in the interview styles.  However, each interview has a participant data sheet and log to help listeners decide which interviews they would like to learn more about based on topic.

There are currently audio recordings of 25 interviews posted on the website.  These 25 audios will rotate every 4 months so that there will be a total of 75 interivews available at various times througout the year.

If you would like to be interviewed or nominate someone to be interviewed, please call 205-652-3828 or send an email to .

Happy listening!

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The views and opinions expressed in interviews are those of the interview participants and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of project interviewers, the Black Belt Oral History Project, the Center for the Study of the Black Belt or the University of West Alabama.

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