Alabama Plant Atlas

The Alabama Plant Atlas is a website [www.floraofalabama.org] that catalogues the vascular flora of Alabama. Within the Atlas, every vascular species (flowering plants, conifers, ferns) known to occur in Alabama (native or non native) has its own home page within the Atlas.  Legacy, Inc. and the University of West Alabama funded the online project.

From the Atlas homepage, users can browse and do simple or advanced searches.  When viewing a species page, photos of the species and other information are available including distribution, conservation status, native or non-native, wetland status, citations, and other notes.  There are also links on each page to actual specimen images that vouch for the species’ presence in Alabama.  The Atlas is useful to professionals, amateurs, or those casually interested in the vascular flora of Alabama.

Please visit the Alabama Plant Atlas at www.floraofalabama.org

Affiliated staff: Dr. Brian Keener at bkeener@uwa.edu

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